Hello at http://gc.gratisdns.de

This page is intended to help the Granitecanyon users. As the newsserver news.granitecanyon.com seems to be misconfigured, so newsarticles expire after minutes, i think a mailinglist can help to provide better support for users of the Granitecanyon Service.

What is the relation between me (Torsten) and Granitecanyon ?
I was a user of the Granitecanyon service and monitor the news server. As the Granitecanyon Service didn't provide the reliability and service i needed, i "created" http://www.gratisdns.de

So why this site ?
Simply to provide an alternative way of support for the Granitecanyon users than the buggy newsserver.

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Link: DJ WIce DNS-Entry Generator http://dns.djwice.com/next.php
Link: Granitecanyon itself http://www.granitecanyon.com
Link: Other Resources https://secure.xtremeweb.de/dns/htmllinks.html

Greetings Torsten (torsten at archesoft.de)